“Young feminist led social enterprise for the economic empowerment of women in marginalised communities”

By Women, With Women and For Women.

Over 60% of poor Nigerians are women due to factors that include but not limited to sexism, unequal access to opportunity, social, economic, normative, cultural, religious and political factors. Rural communities are often marginalised globally. Likewise in Nigeria, there are limited opportunities for women to break this cycle of inequality and achieve a sustainable source of income generation.

Project Rebirth provides free entrepreneurial and skills acquisition training for low income or underprivileged women on eco-friendly fashion designing to give them a source of income generation for financial inclusion, empowerment, and gender equality.



Empowering women with skills for gender equality with impact investments for their businesses.


Fostering economic prosperity for women in rural communities of Nigeria and globally.


We believe in the power of women to drive social change globally.

Project Rebirth empowers rural dwelling women to contribute to solving the issue of climate change through sustainable fashion and perpetrating the culture of recycling waste materials to create new products and fashion accessories.

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