Ethical Impact

We are driven by a strong desire to have an impact that is ethical, progressive, feminist while protecting planet earth.

To access free, skills training in Nigeria cost a minimum of $200 per student, which is unattainable for most of our target audience. Since 2019, we have bridged this gap and directly impacted 140 women in 5 different communities in Ondo state, Nigeria through the FREE training, thereby removing the economic limitations in getting skills.

The Intersectionality of our program in economic empowerment and climate action via our sustainable fashion training has contributed to reducing 100+ bags of waste per month in each community and contributed to climate justice.

We have raised to empower beneficiaries with sewing machines to set up their businesses and gave free financial literary classes to support sustainability.

Our community of Young Women in Business has expanded across 10 Nigerian universities who receive business trainings and mentorship while also advocating for women’s rights, equal opportunities, inclusion of women in decision-making and the involvement of women in tackling global issues like climate change.

We provide free formal interview trainings, application tips and support packs for participants who are seeking to gain employment opportunities with the skills acquired via project Rebirth.

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