Our Story

In 2018, we identified a gap in indigenous women living in marginalised communities being able to access economic empowering opportunity. Our social quest in 2018 identified over thousands with no source of income generation.

Project Rebirth is a young feminist led social enterprise for the economic empowerment of women in marginalised communities. We maintain a culture of inclusion through our mantra “By Women, With Women and For Women.”

We are solving the issue of gendered poverty,  giving women a NEW chances through free entrepreneurial & business literacy lessons to help them fight poverty and solve other social issues that specifically affect women in their rural communities.

Our core values

Community building





Youth Led

Our thematic areas

Entrepreneurship Skills: We tailor our training to the needs of the particular community and group of women. However, individual training is FREE for participants to help remove the economic barrier to them getting empowered.

Sustainable Fashion for climate action: For women who learnt to sew, we provide an avenue for them to lead change through sustainable fashion by training them to reduce cloth waste, resuse and recycle materials into newer pieces on the advocacy against climate injustice and fast fashion.

Impact Investment: Post training, we support participants through investing in their startups, mini grants, no collateral loans and assistance in individual fashion jobs application

Leadership and Co-creation: We engage members of each community in the project implementation processes to facilitate a communal co-creation, inclusion, equitable and sustainable impact.

"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise"

Our beneficiaries have one common goal which is to be empowered to improve their lives, communities, and secure a source of income generation for upward social mobility. We provide them with resources to do that.

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