Our Work

The team at Project Rebirth travelled to the extremely interior parts of south west Nigeria and reach out to women in rural and underserved areas to provide educational and entrepreneurial equality opportunities. Our efforts involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. We evaluate the impact of the climate and environment in facilitating women’s rights and access to equality and justice.

We gather qualitative and quantitative data, and use that information to measure shifts and changes from our baseline measurements.

We connect with community women to identify their specific needs and then, leverage on available resources to implement local solutions to their economic, social and environmental issues


Free Skills Acquisition In Sustainable Fashion

We provide free sewing lessons for women in eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. We partner with professionals who train participants through a curriculum in learning how to sew, design fashion accessories with lessons in Reducing, Reusing and Recycling as a conscious effort towards climate justice.
We leverage on the power of collaboration and social entrepreneurship as a solution to economic inequality and climate injustice.

We also implement a “everyone a change maker” model where participants are intimated with the UN SDGs.


Women In Agriculture

Women in Nigeria dominate the informal agricultural and food processing sector. However, most women in rural communities are not qualified for loans due to the stringent requirements demanded by traditional financial institutions. We bridge this inequality gap by providing interest free mini loans to women in agriculture and food production of locally sourced material as a source of economic empowerment to improve their capital power.

Young Women In Business

We host periodic dialogues and roundtable conversations with business leaders and experts to provide mentorship and trainings for young women venturing into business and other entrepreneurial activities.

This helps them in bridging the knowledge gap, equipping them in business literacy and financial education.



At the end of training, we support our participants’ women led enterprises by raising funds to help them start up their businesses. We also promote participants’ works through digital media while helping them implement their skills for economic development and independence.


At Project Rebirth, we believe in community. Our community is comprises of intergenerational women entrepreneurs building their lives and community better, economically empowered again financial violence and enhancing that development reaches rural communities.

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